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My New Skill

My New Skill

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Dog Scarves

I am making these for Carolina Animal Network.  They have a waiting list of dogs needing vet care.  Scarves will be available at  at Clemmons Veterinary Clinic, 6373 Cephis Drive ,Clemmons, NC 27012‎.  Simply make a donation and pick one up for your   dog.  The best part is that 100 percent of the donation will go toward vet care.


My new Serama: Adriana.  Seramas were developed in Malaysia using many different breeds including Japenese (Chabo). The breed was named after the Thai king Rama, because of its proud carriage: it carries itself erect, with an upright tail and protruding breast. The Serama is a new breed and has been created within the last 15 years.  Their eggs are small in size; five of them are equivalent to one standard egg.


My sweet little Izzy. Although she only has three legs, she can climb and jump like a champ.

My Sunday Art Project

View From My Deck

New Swap-Bot

This little case is off to Europe.

Bucket List – 1



Can check off camping at Hanging Rock.  Nothing better than chilling out in a hammock on a cool summer day. Took my little hiker with me and we managed to hike to three of the waterfalls. Brooke’s favorite is the Lower Cascades.

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