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Recycle Coffee Grounds

Don’t toss out those used coffee grounds! Below are four ways to recycle coffee grounds and protect the environment

1. Refrigerator and freezer deodorizer: Place ground in a small cup and in the fridge or freezer.

2. Organic fertilizer: They are considered a “green” or nitrogen source. C/N ratio is about 20:1. Use coffee grounds as a plant fertilizer. Sprinkle the grounds around the base of the plant. They can also be sprinkled directly on your lawn. Roasted coffee is fairly acidic, but it appears that almost all of the acid is water-soluble and is extracted during brewing.

3. Compost input: Coffee grounds smell good and they are one of the few sources of nitrogen and potassium that is widely available year-round to people in urban and suburban areas. They absorb and hold moisture, which is critical to the compost pile. The grounds should account for no more than 25 percent of the composting matter and a teaspoon of lime or wood for each 5 pounds of grounds can be added to balance out acidity levels.

4. Furniture scratch remover: Use a Q-tip and coffee grounds to fill in scratches on wooden furniture.

Recycling your coffee grounds helps you go green because…

It reduces waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill and lessens your reliance on chemical fertilizers.

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