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Recycle Towels

Twice a year I go through my linen closet and purge all of the old towels. Over the years I have found creative ways to recycle my towels.

1. Cut them up for use as hand towels or cleaning rags.

2. Make bibs.

3. Make tote bags or drawstring bags.

4. Make rag rug.  Cut old towels into strips and braid together.  Form the braid into a circle and sew together.

5. Dog Toys

I make all types of dog toys from old towels. It’s much cheaper than buying new ones. Knot toys:  Cut the towel into strips lengthwise about five inches wide and tie knots along the length of the towel close together.   Cut long strips, braid, and knot both ends to make puppy chew toys. Stuffed Shape Toys: Cut towels into different shapes and sew them together, then stuff them with remnants that you have left over.

6. Sew together pieces of towels to make a patchwork washable blanket for your dog.

7. Donate your old towels to a local animal rescue organization. They always have a need for towels.

Recycling your old towels helps you go green because…

It finds a purpose for a towel that otherwise would end up in a landfill. 

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