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Black Krim

Black Krim tomatoes, which hail from the island of Krim, in the Black Sea, are chocolate colored. They have a deep, dark red color that looks almost black and a deep reddish-green interior color. They produce under adverse conditions, and are the most reliable of the black tomato plants.  The taste is rich and earthy, almost smoky. Fruit is beefsteak-sized and sets well in heat. Due to their naturally salty taste, sliced Black Krims do not require salting.

I decided to add a few more heirloom tomatoes in my garden.

Royal Hillbilly

The late, great Oklahoma grower Darrell Merrell introduced this great tomato in 1997. Darrell selected this tomato from some of his variations of the bi-colored Hillbilly tomato. It has a fabulous deep red, purple and pink color. The complex flavor is a perfect ratio of tangy and sweet. Darrell Merrell called the flavor exquisite.

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One thought on “In My Garden

  1. Black krim looks scrumptious !. how does it taste?

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