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Park Seed Company

I left at 7:00 am Saturday on a fabulous motor coach daytrip to Greenwood, SC. Flower Day is the one-day each year that Park Seed Company’s professional horticulturists provide guided tours of their famous 9-acre Trial Gardens. There were more than 2,000 varieties of gorgeous plants at their peak!  I walked and walked and walked throughout the gardens. The Trial Gardens consisted of several special-focus areas in landscape settings, including theme gardens, a container garden display, and a Rose garden.  I purchased a Salmon-pink “Barbara Bush” rose and a Brown Turkey Fig tree along with a myriad of gardening accessories. This was my first motor coach tour and I had a great time.  The company, J & J’s Tours, is a family-owned enterprise located in Lewisville, NC.  The owners, Nan and Buck, are great hosts and made sure that the trip was enjoyable for every passenger.  I look forward to traveling with them again.  You can check out their upcoming tours at jandjtours.

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