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Remembering Amy

Recently I was reading comments about Amy Winehouse on a memorial page.  Litanies of insults were peppered throughout the posts.  Instead of concentrating on the genius musical talent that she shared with the world, those judging saw glimpses of what the media wanted them to see.

Over the past few years the world has watched Amy’s ugly downward spiral and her seemingly defiant attitude with her hit single “Rehab.” What they didn’t see was the sweet and vulnerable woman who so desperately sought love and acceptance.  Sure we all know that Amy appeared stoned out of her mind on stage time after time.  The web is  awash with unflattering photographs of the troubled singer.  She has long been defined by her drug abuse and volatile relationships.

But there was another side of Amy that I choose to remember.  I remember the Amy that saw herself as a wife and mother and held on to her faith enough to want to uphold certain family values. The Star of David she often wore wasn’t simply a piece of jewelry. It was her identity.  We all at some point in our lives become a little lost, Amy simply couldn’t find her way back to the woman she wanted to be.
A few years back she was interviewed for an article in Australia’s “Sunday Times.” Amy was quoted saying, “I love parties and rock ’n’ roll, but secretly I’m never happier than when I’m cleaning. In 10 years’ time I’m gonna be looking after my husband and our seven kids. I’d really like to get everyone in one place and sit down and eat a meal together. I would like to uphold certain things, but not the religious side of things, just the nice family things to do. At the end of the day, I’m a Jewish girl.”

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