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Dysfunctional Family Tree

Great-Uncle Orville married Bessie Green of Ashe County. Their oldest son, Jesse, inherited the farm and wed Mildred Young, a shopkeeper’s daughter from . . .

Blah, blah, blah.
Anyone who has ever delved into their family tree has yearned for a spark of life—an explorer, an adventurer, an inventor, a military hero, a crusader for justice, even a black sheep. Too often, though, it’s a slow parade of butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers—solid but unexciting citizens plodding through the generations.
In My Dysfunctional Family Tree, author Ariel Bouvier has solved that problem thanks to the miracle of fiction. Here, you’ll meet Uncle Wilton, whose beloved tennis racket had to be pried from his cold, dead hands; Grandma Poser, who walked on the wild side; Uncle Claude, who suffered such severe chickenpox scars that an ostrich had to stand in for his photograph; Aunt Dixie, who chased the world tap-dancing record until she met a bad end in an orchestra pit; and Cousin Blaine, who practiced yellow journalism from the age of six.
The forty-five photos and profiles in this book provide all the entertainment of a dysfunctional family while sparing you the emotional scars.

Award-winning writer Ariel Bouvier is a columnist for the Villager Voice magazine in North Carolina. She is currently working on her second and third dysfunctional books, to be entitled My Dysfunctional Family: The Next Generation and My Dysfunctional Family’s Dysfunctional Pets.

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One thought on “Dysfunctional Family Tree

  1. Gladys Stamper - joi stepps on said:

    Keep me on your mind to buy the books when printed. luv ya

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